Apache Kafka Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will do a basic installation of Apache Kafka and run one producer and consumer. You can follow the video here

Basic steps of installing and running apache kafka are:

Hadoop Installation

  1. The steps are tested on Linux Ubuntu 10 using user 'yarn'. You can use any other user for the same.
  2. Download Hadoop from http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/hadoop/common/. This document is done with hadoop-2.3.0/ release.

Can AAP make a difference?

It's a tough fight and has been made murkier in terms of number of prime minister aspirants we have got. Every top contender of the post is trying to make it me vs others as it draws the line more favourably for that particular candidate. If we look into opinion polls and other inclinations it seems like the game is inclined towards BJP or to say more specific, towards Modi. However history has shown that do not underestimate the dark horses like Arvind Kejriwal. In fact, there is a tinge of aggression in Rahul Gandhi from the past.

Indian Political Climax - 2014

India is going to witness one of the most interesting election time post-independence. The oldies might say that the 1977 elections do come in that category, but for many of us, we are going to witness first-hand experience of a different kind of euphoria. This election are multipronged in many ways. Let's see, what the different situations that can arise after election are.



ADM stands for Architecture Development Model. This is the core of togaf. ADM is an iterartive methodology for developing architecture. ADM consists of following phases:

TOGAF Introduction

TOGAF is a framework for developing enterprise architecture. It's not a plain framwork but contains a lot of supporting tools.  Main components of TOGAF are:

Gamification vs Game Theory

Till last week, I was thinking that Gamification is same as Game theory. Game theory is a about strategic decision making especially looked in the context of choices available to the competitors. Prisoner's dilemma is a classic game theory situation.

Let's Kidnap the President

What happens when four monkeys become intelligent like humans, and they kidnap the President of USA? A story tracing the evolution of human.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

This is a classic. Set in Russia it deals with the psyche of humans. Each individual carries a mental notion of ethics and morality with him. Whenever actions are committed outside of the boundary, it creates a sense of guilt. Some over power the guilt but some get overpowered by guilt. When guilt overpowers once, it's in itself is a punishment. The "punishment" in "Crime and Punishment" is about the internal punishment which leads to external punishment as mandated by law.


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