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The articles here are more based towards Java systems. However many of the topics are independent of Java technology and deal with web applications in general.


Lists of Unicode charts- A very good palace to fine the unicode of all kind of symbols. To incorporate the unicode in the page, use it as follows:

<label value="&#25B2;"/>

 where 25B2 is the unicode value of a filled triangle pointing upward.

In Html mode it will look like





I implemented one application in spring roo, but the requirement is to change the look and feel(ie i want to insert the html page with jquery in ui part ) of ui which are generated by spring roo. can i insert html code in jspx page? if it is possible please give me sample code.


Spring roo has nothing to do as such with html. You are free to change the html pages the way you like. Only thing is Spring roo does not support commands for that.


Your explanation is good, but the thing is where to i have change and what i change in the code(i.e in jspx pages)regarding to insert my own html with jquery code. please help me........


Hi Lalit,

I am struggling a bit with UI.

I need to add Sortable property to the Column.
Now the list.jspx is using which is not supporting Sortable Column facility. Can we add something to column.tagx or table.tagx to make it work.

Otherwise I need to change every list page in my project to use tag library.

Thanks and Regards,

For sortable column you need to use some sort of table and then send the info back to server to build the sorted data. Also you need to be careful whether you want to sort on only the data on front end or want to sort on all the data in the database. Each one requires a different approach.

Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my qetusoins are answered!


I am currently working on Spring roo 1.1.4,
I want to use jQuery in my application but I am not getting any clue how to integrate jQuery in my application.

So, is it possible to use it or not and
if possible please help.

Thanks & Regards,

It's possible to integrate jquery. I have done with one project in the past. Also please note that Spring roo is a code generation technique. By default Spring roo generates code for Spring MVC which has by default dojo integrated. However you can choose to use any other front end framework. All said and done, my take on Spring roo is that it's a good tool to start the project and also is quite useful to generate the boiler plate code like getters and setters but beyond that you might want to have finer control. Usually all the code generation tool, like Spring roo assume that applications are plain CRUD based with one table mapping to one page, however the real world is more complicated than that.

Hope this helps

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